Printed sensors: resistive, capacitive, pressure-sensitive

As a manufacturer of input systems with integrated sensors, our customers benefit from our many years of experience in processing a wide variety of pastes. Sensors with custom dimensions, lengths, shapes and functions can be developed according to customer specifications and requirements.

An overview of our printed sensor solutions: 

  • Membrane potentiometer Sensofoil® linear or rotary
  • Polymer potentiometer SensoInk linear or rotary
  • Polymer strain gages (P-DMS) on FR4 or metal
  • Capacitive sensors as buttons, wheels or sliders
  • Pressure-sensitive sensors SensoForce



Sensofoil membrane potentiometers and SensoInk polymer potentiometers have been part of the product portfolio at Hoffmann + Krippner for many years. A wide variety of resistor pastes from the in-house paste laboratory are screen printed on polyester films or FR4 material. The application of mechanical pressure by wiper or finger changes the resistance value and generates a signal that can be evaluated. Precise measurement results, long life cycles and a flat design are a few of the main characteristics of our Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers and SnesoInk polymer potentiometers.
More information about potentiometer solutions can be found at

Additionally, polymer strain gages (P-DMS) for the detection of strains and compressions are part of our Printed Sensors. In contrast to ordinary strain gages, the polymer paste is printed directly on FR4 material, thus avoiding process-critical adhesive bonding and bonding of the DMS. A cost-effective solution that can be integrated directly into the PCB design and allows for further electronic assembly. Even the smallest deformations cause electrical resistance changes. Click here to watch our Video.

Capacitive solutions are used for sensors that are to be operated only by light touch. Flexible capacitive sensors on polyester films can be customized to the application requirements. The capacitive change is detected by a controller on a separate circuit board, evaluated and finally the pitch point is located.
The illumination of capacitive sensor fields is also possible. Single and multi-colored LEDs create a homogeneous illumination of surfaces, symbols and frames, even with color changes.

With SensoForce, we offer sensors that change their voltage depending on pressure. For this purpose, a special thick-film FSR paste is printed on polyester and integrated in layers. These pressure-sensitive sensors are ideal as level indicators.